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With Final Testimony and Closing Arguments Completed, Askia Sabur Awaits Verdict

Testimony from Philadelphia police narcotics officer Sergeant Edward Hays, as well as Askia Sabur’s cousin, Shawn Merritt, followed by closing arguments from Assistant District Attorney Carolyn DeLaurentis and Sabur’s defense team, rounded out the final day of the 31 year-old West Philadelphia man’s trial on Friday. With a quick pat on Sabur’s back, Evan Hughes … Continue reading

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Day Two of Askia Sabur’s Trial Puts Two Troubled Officers on Trial Instead

Yesterday saw day two of Askia Sabur’s trial, with another cross-examination of Officer Jimmy Leocal. By mid-afternoon, it quickly turned what is expected to be a three day trial about one young West Philadelphia man’s alleged crimes into an indictment of two Philadelphia police officers’ willingness to perjure themselves to protect their jobs and reputation. Assistant … Continue reading

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Tense, Revealing and Contradictory: Askia Sabur’s Trial Begins

Opening statements from the prosecutor and defense team in the trial of Askia Sabur began yesterday afternoon. Testimony from Philadelphia police officer Danyul Williams was also heard. Cross-examination of Williams was at times tense, revelatory and contradictory. Sabur has rejected a plea deal offered by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office which would have him serve three to … Continue reading

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Updated: Amid Flurry of Motions, Jury Selection Begins Today for Askia Sabur

Editor’s Note: In keeping with the Tao of Journalism, we have corrected the name of the Assistant District Attorney cited in yesterday’s report. We apologize for the error. UPDATE: Six jurists were selected this afternoon. Remaining selection begins at 9:30 a.m. at the Criminal Justice Center, Room 908. Askia Sabur’s trial could begin tomorrow afternoon after … Continue reading

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Updated: Trial for Askia Sabur Delayed Again

UPDATE: Monday, Feb. 11th 2013 Sources close to the Askia Sabur case have confirmed to us that the District Attorney’s office will file a motion tomorrow morning to bar the controversial video depicting Sabur’s beating by Philadelphia police officers. Jury selection is also expected to begin tomorrow and his trial likely to begin Wednesday.  Sabur’s … Continue reading