Austin Nolen – Managing Editor

Austin is a recent graduate from Temple University with a B.A. in History with Distinction. He is a prolific plaintiff (and occasional defendant) in open government legal proceedings. You can reach him at anolen [at] phillydeclaration [dot] org. To send an encrypted email, you can use his public key.


Kristi Petrillo – Staff Photographer

Kristi is a hospice registered nurse and a photography student at University of the Arts. She grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and now resides within the city limits. Lover of crossword puzzles and whisky. She can be reached at kristi [dot] petrillo [at]


Shealyn Kilroy – Contributor

Shealyn is a multimedia journalist born in Philadelphia and made at Temple University. Shealyn writes, photographs, codes, conducts investigations and eats pizza for stories. Follow Shealyn on Twitter @shealynkilroy and email her love letters shealynkilroy [at]


Dustin Slaughter – Co-Founder, Currently on Hiatus

Dustin is a freelance journalist, public records zealot, legal assistant, and a proud Philadelphia resident. He loves living in a city with such storied history and amazing beer. Interests include law enforcement, surveillance, political movements, and leaving mosquito bites on the skin of bureaucrats. He resides in South Philly.

Contact him securely:

Fingerprint: 3ab34392a0e98457673e56297142e8d9cefb6471

Public key.

Follow him on Twitter @DustinSlaughter.


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