Evening News Roundup – January 31st, 2013


Governor Tom Corbett’s son-in-law is under FBI investigation, reports The Inquirer. Gerald Gibson, who is married to Deputy Attorney General Katherine Gibson, is an officer in the Philadelphia Police Department’s Narcotics Division. The Department’s Internal Affairs placed him on administrative leave today. The governor took no questions from reporters while leaving a Chamber of Commerce event in Center City this evening.


It appears that the Newspaper Guild has reached an agreement with Interstate General Media, the owner of The Inquirer and Daily News. According to Philadelphia Magazine, who broke the news, financial concessions were made, although the Guild got two items they desperately wanted: retention of seniority for staff as well as a promise that both papers won’t be liquidated for at least two years.


Philadelphia Gay News reports on an alleged hate crime, in which two men were attacked by a group of 10 individuals inside a Center City parking garage. The victims maintain they were beaten up for what attackers perceived as their sexual orientation.

jordan harris

“While the good Lord may be forgiving, the criminal justice system isn’t,” says state Rep. Jordan Harris. The freshman politician, in office for just 32 days, has introduced two bills that he believes will provide “a second chance” for Philadelphia ex-offenders, reports Philadelphia Tribune.

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