For the Third Time Since December, 100’s Plan to Fire Up at Independence Mall (at 4:20)

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Steve Miller-Miller speaking at the Independence Mall Smokedown February 9th. Photo by Dustin Slaughter

By Kenneth Lipp

Twice now, once in December of 2012 and again last month, approximately 150 people gathered at the northeast corner of Independence Mall, gave speeches both satirical and curtly political extolling the merits of ending the legal prohibition of marijuana, and at 4:20 p.m. lit and collectively smoked dozens of doobies. This Sunday, they aim to blaze one at the Liberty Bell again, and in contrast to the two previous frigid dates, where the glassy-eyed demonstrators largely had the National Historic Site to themselves, they’ll likely have a good bit of company due to fairer weather and St. Patrick’s Day festivities.


4:20, ‘Moment of Cannabis Reflection.’ Photo by Dustin Slaughter

Organizers of the event, the Panic Hour and PhillyNORML, issued a press release concerning the demonstration and explaining what motivated their date selection.

‘We have chosen St. Patrick’s day, a holiday known for people’s excessive use of alcohol and belligerent behavior, to demonstrate the stark difference between behaviors associated with cannabis and alcohol users. It’s very clear to see that cannabis is safer. There have never been any deaths or overdoses associated with cannabis. And while thousands of Philadelphians get drunk and abuse alcohol on this day, cannabis, an herb which is known to treat multiple ailments and even cure cancer remains illegal. We hope these acts of civil disobedience will debunk stereotypes about cannabis and further our movement to legalize it in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,’ said Panic Hour organizers from their undisclosed bunker location.

The purpose of the Smoke Down Prohibition events is to raise awareness about the social issues that are directly related to the prohibition of cannabis and support recent bipartisan moves to legalize the industrial production of hemp and establish a hefty federal pot tax.

The press release also included an advisory: “Those who may be participating in civil disobedience are aware of the following: The National Park Service can issue a citation for marijuana possession. This is usually not a custodial arrest – it is a summons to federal court that can be settled by paying a $175 fine. This only applies to those in possession of a SMALL amount (i.e. a joint) and their legal ID.”

No arrests or citations were reported during the first Smokedown on December 15, nor was there any law enforcement involvement on February 9th when I attended (sober, as a member of the press). A US Park Ranger in an SUV observed from a distance by the Visitor’s Center, and the Philadelphia Police Civil Affairs officers on site never left their unmarked white Taurus (in 2010 Philadelphia made possession of small amounts of marijuana a summary offense, a move William Bender of the Philadelphia Daily News accurately described as “backdoor decriminalization,” which provides a similar monetary penalty as the federal charge).

This Sunday, however, the sight and aroma of 100-200 congregants demanding pot legalization over a loudspeaker before cranking up the Reggae and smoking dozens of joints and blunts will likely be noticed by parents in line with their children to see the Liberty Bell.

The Declaration will be on scene Sunday to bring you coverage of the demonstration.


Time: Sunday March 17, 2013 from 3:30PM to 4:35PM,  4:20PM – Moment of Cannabis Reflection

Location: Independence Mall located at 5th St and Market Sts, Philadelphia, PA

Video Promo:

About Kenneth Lipp

Kenneth is a writer and researcher. He’s from Alabama, and will not apologize for it. He moved to Pennsylvania in 2012, but has been in love with Philadelphia since a late-night stroll down Ben Franklin Parkway to the Art Museum in July of 2011 with the love of his life. He is interested in telling Philadelphia’s dynamic and absolutely unique stories with the zeal of a constantly enamored newcomer. Kenneth is also passionate about government transparency and protection of whistleblowers, most notably PFC Chelsea Manning. His research and reporting on law enforcement and surveillance have been featured in various publications, including Rolling Stone (Meet the Private Companies Helping Cops Spy on Protesters) and Popular Science (Boston Tested Crowd-Watching Software That Catalogues People's Skin Color). His training is in both genetics and history and he likes the joke about being a helicase and unzipping your “genes.” He’s driven to know, and thinks you can handle, the truth. Follow him on Twitter @kennethlipp.

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    I was there, front and center for #2 and hope to be there for #3! As a former elected official but more importantly, an outspoken advocate and medical patient, I believe there is a serious injutice happening with this much too long prohibition! It is lang pass the time that Hemp should be our #1 renewable source for everything, but that cannabis should be legalized and provided just as this site has so well stated! You the reader, should note that we not only ask for what we want .. we are willing to give what the ‘other’ side desires! Tax Money! for the good of all! Legal lize now .. and please write your Representatives AND the White House! Stop the Injustice!


  2. 420 at Independence Mall: Around 200 People Smoke a Join to Fight for Marijuana Legalization (Video) | Raging Chicken Press

    […] As planned, the Panic Hour and PhillyNORML held their third Smokedown Prohibition event at Independence Mall to directly demonstrate against marijuana prohibition by openly smoking it. 4:20 came and went with a large cloud and zero confrontation between demonstrators and authorities (a Park Ranger on his bike observed the whole event). […]


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