Philly Disclosure

So here’s the skinny: Philly Disclosure is, among other things, a Web show focused on sitting down with a wide range of news-makers, policy people, and creatives, in order to have thoughtful – and at times – hard-hitting conversations.

You’ll find our shows posted here (hopefully demonstrating the aforementioned adjectives as true).

The show is also meant to compliment – and perhaps expand upon – our investigative reporting at The Declaration. The team thrilled to co-produce this project with the amazing, tireless crew at Scrapple TV and Woodshop Films.

We welcome ideas for shows. And of course, we’re always hungry for news tips – and even more so, criticism.

We hope you join us when we finally do get this squeaky contraption off the ground, and bear with us as we work out the kinks. But while we prepare the pilot, please connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Stay tuned for upcoming program announcements (and monkey gifs like above). Thanks so much for your support!


The Declaration Staff

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