What’s black and white about Ferguson

By Will Bunch (Daily News)

It’s been more than a week now since an unarmed teenager named Michael Brown was gunned down in the streets of Ferguson, Mo., just outside of St. Louis. Indeed, I was sitting at this computer at exactly this hour, seven days ago, writing about this case for the first time, and I — just like the people of Ferguson and anyone else who was following the developments — was asking for just one thing.


I thought we’d have them by now.

Instead, it feels as if — after seven-plus days — we know even LESS about the killing of a young man who should have been starting college classes last week than we knew then. We know now the name of the officer that shot Brown multiple times last Saturday — Darren Wilson — but we still do not know why, not really. Journalists and citizens who’d been clamoring for the official report and other key details about the shooting we instead handed a completely different lengthy report, a video, and stills of an alleged robbery committed by Brown and his friend. This was information that did little to explain his apparently unrelated encounter with Officer Wilson, but did a lot to impugn the reputation of a youth who was just killed.

There’s been less truth and more obfuscation, less clarity and more confusion. Mike Brown should be buried, and his family should be on the road to peace of mind, and some closure. Instead, it was announced today that federal officials will perform a second autopsy on his body, because no one has any faith or trust in the people who conducted the first one.

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