Temple U. academic adviser claims discrimination

By Valerie Russ (Daily News)

An academic advisor at Temple University’s College of Science and Technology is using a former supervisor’s doctoral writings as evidence in a federal lawsuit alleging he was denied a promotion because of race.

Kenneth L. Ruff, who is African-American, filed the suit yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Ruff’s suit said he was the only African-American among five advisers in October 2010, when the academic advising program was reorganized.

The reorganization established a career ladder, with several new positions: Advisor I, Advisor II, Senior Advisor and Principal Advisor.

Ruff was hired in 2008 and was the second most senior adviser, according to the suit. Ruff could not be reached for comment.

“At all times relevant, Plaintiff [Ruff] performed his job duties in an excellent manner. By way of example, Plaintiff consistently received excellent scores on Defendant’s [Temple University’s] Student Feedback Form,” the suit said.

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