Have you seen these chilling videos of two women alleging sexual assault by the PPD? Watch them

By Joshua Albert

These are videos of two women alleging sexual assault by a team of rogue narcotics officers who were under investigation until this year for robbery and much more. The Justice Department – amid much community outcry – dropped charges against the officers, reportedly for lack of evidence. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office says they are investigating the sexual assault allegations, however.

The story, which won Philadelphia Daily News writers Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman a Pulitzer in 2010 for Investigative Reporting, is itself the subject of some recent controversies which can be best understood by a piece published today by Daniel Denvir for the Columbia Journalism Review.

When reading Denvir’s story, he linked to these two videos that I found pretty alarming, in which Dagma Rodriguez and Lady Gonzalez recount their sexual assault by Philadelphia Police officer Thomas Tolstoy.

It’s worth 6 minutes of your time.




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