Woes of Philly schools can’t be overstated, Hughes declares

Photo: Geoff Kees Thompson/ThisOldCity.com

Photo: Geoff Kees Thompson/ThisOldCity.com

By Kevin McCorry

It’s all been written before. The Philadelphia School District was in brutal financial shape last year.

Overfilled classrooms.

Guidance counselors and nurses nonexistent in schools on many days.

Cash available only for the barest of supplies and supports.

Still, “it needs to be discussed over and over and over again,” said Pennsylvania Sen. Vincent Hughes at a Thursday news conference. “This is not how you achieve a 21st century education.”

Flanked by a teacher, a parent, a student, a building maintenance worker and colleague state Sen. Larry Farnese, Hughes detailed the results of his 2013-2014 school district fact-finding study.

Lowlights of the document below include anecdotal reports of overwhelmed faculty, unsanitary schools, persistent HVAC problems, a second-grade classroom with more than 40 students, and high school coursework being “taught” by students.

Last week, the district announced that it would close its $81 million budget gap, in part, with additional cuts.

Full story.

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