Waiting to eat – Why I took the photo



At 17th & JFK, several hundred people of Philadelphia wait in line for a hot plate provided by Project Home and several other local outreach organizations. The poverty rate in Philadelphia is the highest among the nation’s 10 largest cities. More than 430,000 of the city’s 1,547,600 residents live below the federal poverty line. Also, according to this article, poverty is on the rise while resources to help them are on the decline.

In 2012 Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter tried to put a ban on feeding the homeless, however it was struck down by a judge who stated when issuing his ruling: “It hardly needs to be said that plaintiffs’ food-sharing programs benefit the public interest.”

If that ban would have been enacted, these individuals photographed below would not have been able to eat here in Center City. Center City is home to the largest portion of the homeless population who live on the streets.



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