Hop Sing Laundomat could be the best Facebook “friend” you have

By Joshua Albert

There are plenty of places in Philadelphia for wonderfully crafted cocktails (I’m personally a Fiume guy). It’s hard, however, to ignore one little bar in Chinatown and all the greatness it provides to Philadelphia’s palate – and our sense of humor – including, one of the funniest Facebook “friends” I have.

Several weeks ago a friend of mine asked me if I was aware of the bar’s Facebook presence. I wasn’t, and wondered why I would even care to, but I trusted my friend’s judgement.

Thank god I did.


Hop Sing Laundromat, located somewhere in Chinatown (I’d provide the whereabouts, but part of the great thing about this bar is finding it on your own), opened several years ago shrouded in mystery.

The enigmatic owner, Lee – who traveled “through 48 states in 70 days that spanned over 33,000 miles” to observe cocktail bars in order to create “a loving tribute to Philadelphia, its history, and most importantly, its people” –  rarely does interviews, preferring select media outlets such as Philadelphia Magazine and Men’s Health, for example. He is also famous (or infamous) for postponing openings, as well as posting a set of rules that I personally think should be mandatory in most bars.

I mean, they didn’t even let the guys from Queens Of The Stone Age in because they were in violation of the bar’s dress code. That’s truly respectable in an industry that tends to jump hoops for “VIPs.”

hopsing 5

In my Facebook Feed that is often full of nonsense, Hop Sing never ceases to provide me with a good chuckle. The feed also provides some interesting takes and much needed jabs at the society we live in. Here are just a few examples, and some of my personal favorites:

hopsing 3 hopsing 4 hopsing 6 hopsing2


I’d recommend sending them a “friend” request.

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