Folks Step Up to Help Fix Door Unhinged Cops Broke

By Stephanie Farr (Philly Daily News)

Kayzar Abdul-Khabir was “shocked” when his phone rang Saturday and Mayor Michael Nutter was on the other end of the line. A short time later, he fielded another call, this one from police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

Abdul-Khabir said both leaders were apologetic for a series of troubles he and his family went through with police last week as detailed in the Daily News’ cover story on Saturday.

Beyond the apologies, Nutter promised to get the family’s door, which was broken by police detectives who did not leave a note, fixed as soon as possible.

“Little people don’t think they have a chance so they don’t even try a lot of times, but because of the article, it shows you can hold the government accountable,” Abdul-Khabir said. “For them to take the blame, that’s some big-boy stuff.”

Abdul-Khabir, 57, has lived in his West Philly house with his pregnant wife and two young sons for four years. He also has two elder sons and a brother who are Philadelphia police officers.

About 7 a.m. Wednesday, the family was out of the house when cops used a crowbar to pop the lock of their steel security door without a search warrant. Before they could use a battering ram to take down the front door, a neighbor spoke up and told police they must have the wrong house.

Shortly thereafter, the cops were gone. They didn’t leave behind a note, a card or any indication of what happened to the door. The Abdul-Khabir family said if it wasn’t for their vigilant neighbors, they would have thought an intruder broke their door.

Full story.

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