New DNA evidence casts fresh doubt on 1991 rape-murder case

By Dustin Slaughter

On Monday, Court of Common Pleas Judge D. Webster Keogh will consider powerful new DNA evidence from the attorneys of Anthony Wright, who was accused and found guilty of the 1991 murder and rape of 77 year old Louise Talley.

The new evidence points to another man, Ronnie Byrd, who died last year in South Carolina.

According to The Inquirer, the District Attorney will not budge on Wright’s case, however:

There is no sign the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is about to concede the case.

On Aug. 15, prosecutors moved to dismiss Wright’s motion for a new trial, citing the “utterly overwhelming evidence of [his] guilt.

Wright’s attorneys, as well as the Innocence Project, argue that Wright’s DNA fails to match the bodily fluids from the sexual assault, nor does this DNA match what was found on Talley’s bloodstained clothes.

The DA’s new position seems to be that Wright may have been an accomplice, although this would contradict their 1991 allegations.

Full story from Inquirer’s Joseph Slobodzian and Robert Moran.

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