Protesters arrested for fast food strike civil disobedience, sentenced to class on “Philosophy of Disobedience”

By Joshua Albert

Earlier this month 11 protesters were arrested for blocking an intersection in front of the McDonalds at Broad & Arch Streets. The protesters from Philadelphia Fight for $15 and 15 Now, were taking part in a national day of actions targeting fast food restaurants demanding an increase in wages to $15 an hour and unionization.

The protesters, represented by SEIU lawyers, took a deal through the Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP), which will expunge the misdemeanor after protesters take part in a mandatory “Philosophy of Disobedience” class and pay their fine.

The protesters will attend the City-sponsored  class Monday, October 4th at 1pm. The protesters were also assessed a $200 fine, which is being paid by the SEIU, according to one of the arrestees.

Shymara Jones, a Popeyes employee, told The Metro :

“I would do it again, I feel like I didn’t do a bad thing.”

The Declaration has sent a request to the District Attorney’s office asking for more information regarding the “philosophy of disobedience” class.


There is one comment

  1. wjacobr

    reeducation. Is this an actual class, where they can participate and respond? Or sit and watch a film or slide show, with guards standing by the screen? What would happen if they read a book during this “class?”


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