6,220 pounds of debris and 116 shopping carts removed from Delaware River Piers this weekend by volunteers

By Joshua Albert

This past Saturday volunteers spent the day basking in the beautiful weather cleaning up man-made debris from the piers surrounding the Delaware River, reports PlanPhilly. 

The cleanup effort was lead by Central Delaware Advocacy Group and local apparel company United By Blue and various other groups including the Philadelphia Fire Department. Also, First District councilman Mark Squilla was present getting his hands dirty, Matt Golas reports:

“First District councilman Mark Squilla, who knew these piers like the back of his hand as a boy, was right in the middle of the muck on Pier 68, pants rolled up, Italian driving shoes forlorn, hauling shopping carts out of the river with a grappling hook. CDAG Vice Chair Joe Schiavo was up to his waders in the river, attaching cables to dozens of carts that would be towed onto terra firma and disposed of. Parents and tiny tots scurried all over the piers, filling bags with discarded bottles, paper, plastic, you name it. “

The local outdoor apparel company United By Blue was there to live up to it’s promise to clean up one pound of debris for every product sold, which was in the companies business plan when they launched back in 2010.

Read full story from PlanPhilly.com


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