Germantown Town Hall Draws Politicians – and Frustration

By Dustin Slaughter

Germantown residents, council members, state representatives, and police officials held a community meeting, which was nearly filled to capacity, at the First Presbyterian Church of Germantown last night.

According to Newsworks‘ Queen Muse, residents became frustrated at the line of politicians and other officials present, with many feeling as though they were not being given an opportunity to voice their thoughts and concerns about the state of their neighborhood.

The meeting was moderated by state representative Stephen Kinsey (D-201st). Other pols who attended included Councilwoman Cindy Bass of the Eight District and officers from the 14th and 39th police districts.

The group presented a draft report, “Invest Northwest Strategy”, that contained crime, economic, and school historical data, Newsworks reports.

Read the full story from Newsworks‘ Queen Muse.

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