Philadelphia School District Comments on Preparedness for Enterovirus

By Dustin Slaughter

“The School District of Philadelphia has been working with parents and school-based staff on ways to prevent respiratory illnesses for many, many years. We feel like we’re ready to deal with Enterovirus 68. Our school staff is aware and well-informed.”

Enterovirus 68, according to a Daily News report from Regina Medina, has hit children especially hard as the general flu season begins.

Four year old Eli Waller, a preschooler in New Jersey, is believed to have died from the virus on September 25.

Medina also reports that every school in the district has supplies of a special disinfectant and that janitorial workers have been given instructions on how to properly use the chemical, although there is no indication that the virus is circulating locally right now.

Those most severely affected by enterovirus are children with prior pulmonary issues. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, and congestion.

Read “District Warns Parents about Enterovirus D68” by Regina Medina at Daily News.

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