Daily Dec Roundup – Jan. 7th, 2015

Photo: Project HOME website

Photo: Project HOME website


A ‘hope’ closed off: The “Hub of Hope” concourse social service station for the homeless won’t return this winter

Sam Newhouse, Metro Philly

Some of the city’s homeless received an unwelcome surprise in recent weeks to find that a social service center located in the Suburban Station concourse isn’t coming back.


Philly Police using video to fight crime: ‘We’ve become the model for other departments’

Julianna Reyes, Technical.ly Philly

The Philadelphia Police Department is on the cutting edge of using video to solve crime, according to a Daily News report. Since 2008, about 90 cops have been trained in video recovery, which, among other things, teaches officers how to turn video footage into YouTube clips.


How Ori Feibush’s $250K changed the council race, but not the rules

Mark Dent, Billy Penn

Developer Ori Feibush has contributed $250,000-plus to his own campaign for the 2nd District Council seat, and after that news was reported the City of Philadelphia Board of Ethics announced campaign finance limits had doubled for the 2nd District Council race. What gives?


Commentary: Short on nurses, District considers how to plug health services holes

Eileen DiFranco, The Notebook

Since 2011, the number of nurses in the Philadelphia School District has dropped by 40 percent, leaving many schools uncovered by nurses for most days each week.


At Daily News, new fears about the future

Joel Mathis, Philly Mag

An apparent hiring freeze and the exodus of several high-profile staffers to the Inquirer has left Daily News staffers feeling stretched thin and wondering — again — what the future holds for their long-beleaguered newspaper.

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