Daily Dec Roundup – Jan. 8th, 2015

Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (CFCF). Photo: Phila.gov

Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (CFCF). Photo: Phila.gov

Philly prisons still jam-packed, but not as badly as before

Holly Otterbein, Newsworks

When Mayor Michael Nutter first took office, more than 9,000 inmates jammed Philadelphia’s prison system on a daily basis. That’s 2,500 more people than those prisons were built to hold.


The Philly DA’s civil forfeiture machine starts to sputter

Isaiah Thompson, City Paper

About two and a half years ago, an elderly woman named Elizabeth Young sat in Courtroom 504 in the city’s Criminal Justice Center before a judge who would shortly decide whether her West Philadelphia row home, which Young has owned for over 40 years, would be taken from her and sold at auction. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office had begun the seizure process because of charges against her son alleging the possession and sale of small amounts of marijuana.


FCC chairman hints he’ll back net neutrality

Joel Mathis, Philly Mag

We already knew the FCC will vote on net neutrality rules next month. Now we have a better idea what the result will be: An adoption of rules that Comcast opposes.


Mandatory minimum sentences could be struck down in PA

Daniel Denvir, City Paper

Pennsylvania prosecutors could soon lose one of their favored tools, much to the delight of criminal-justice reform advocates.


Former principal now eighth educator charged in cheating probe

David Limm, The Notebook

Another former Philadelphia school principal was arrested today, making her the eighth educator charged in the state’s probe into adult cheating on state standardized tests, Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced.


MAP: Bicycle crashes between 2011-2014

Randy LoBasso, Bicycle Coalition

As 2014 waned to a close, a bicyclist was killed on Christmas Eve in West Goshen Township, near West Chester, Pa. It’s an all too familiar story in Philadelphia and its suburbs—something we try to emphasize here every so often.


Register for conclusion of JFK/LOVE Park public input sessions


Join us for the conclusion of the civic engagement process and a review of the upcoming project schedule.

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