Daily Dec Roundup – Jan. 20th, 2015

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr - 'March on Washington'. Photo: Wikimedia

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr – ‘March on Washington’. Photo: Wikimedia



Ubinas: King’s legacy “ain’t over”

Helen Ubinas, Daily News

“I want my children to know the struggle it took to get this far and to know that we’re not done.” The theater was full of parents apparently teaching their children the same lesson.



State Examiner: City can’t just change ‘Deferred Retirement Option Plan’

Holly Otterbein, PhillyMag

Two initial decisions by a state hearing examiner have found that the city of Philadelphia violated the law when it made changes to the Deferred Retirement Option Plan three years ago.



Councilman Darrell Clarke wants to restructure the government. Does anybody else?

Jared Brey, PlanPhilly

It wasn’t hostility that filled the Council Chambers last month, when the committee on law and government held a hearing to consider a proposal to restructure the local government and create a new Department of Planning and Development. It was more circumspect than that. A collective furrowing of the brow: Is this what we’re doing? Right now?



The Free African Society to #blacklivesmatter, social action in Philadelphia: 1688-2014

Adlaine Peterson, Billy Penn

Did you know that the first protest against slavery in the country — before there was a country — happened in Philly? Or about the carousel that gave a famous Philly riot its name?

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