Daily Dec Roundup – Feb. 12th, 2015






DNC 2016 is Coming to Philly: Many of the same people who handled security for the 2000 RNC are still here

Chris Brennan, The Inquirer

– It’s official: The Democrats are coming to town.




Money race for mayor in full swing

Damon C. Williams, Philadelphia Tribune

– The mayoral Democratic primary money race is in full swing, and, according to Philadelphia City Commissioners office, state Sen. Anthony Williams has the clubhouse lead with roughly $468,500 raised for his campaign and with $426,000 on-hand.




Germantown jury finds artist guilty of making “weapons of mass destruction”

Joseph A. Slobodzian, The Inquirer

– In a verdict likely to challenge Pennsylvania’s law defining a “weapon of mass destruction,” a Philadelphia jury Thursday found a Germantown artist guilty of that crime in a May incident in which he blew off most of his right hand with a homemade explosive.




10 datasets the city should release (and how you can make it happen)

Juliana Reyes, Technical.ly Philly

– Which companies are being lured to Philadelphia? Is every official who’s supposed to be filling out financial disclosure statements doing so? And what’s even on those statements? The answers lay in a handful of datasets.

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