Daily Dec Roundup – March 3rd, 2015

Photo: Akron Rail Road Club.

Photo: Akron Rail Road Club.



Report: Millions live in PA oil train evacuation zones

Joel Mathis, Philly Mag

– Amid growing concern about the transportation of oil by train through Pennsylvania — and through Philadelphia, to the city’s refineries — environmental groups have released a report (below) suggesting that “millions” of residents live in “evacuation zones” likely to be affected if an accident happens.



Why is this man still in jail?

Paul Solotaroff, Rolling Stone

– Half a lifetime ago, Philadelphia cops put Tony Wright away for a brutal crime he didn’t commit. DNA tests have exonerated him. But he’s still not free.



Without trust between cops and citizens, we’re just running in circles

Helen Ubinas, Daily News

– Another day, another round of informational water-boarding in the police shooting of Brandon Tate-Brown.



Ramsey: Presidential panel’s report ‘a step in the right direction’

Vinny Vella, Daily News

– Community relations and departmental oversight took top billing in a report released yesterday by a presidential panel co-chaired by Philly’s top cop to improve policing across the country.



Mighty Writers opening El Futuro in mid-March

Taylor Farnsworth, Passyunk Post

– Back in May we told you about Mighty Writers’ plans to open an after-school literacy program for Latino students. Mighty Writers is now set to open their new location, called El Futuro, at 1025 S. 9th St. later this month.

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