Evening News Roundup – February 6th, 2013


Philadelphia’s 12th Police Precinct has a new captain, reports Philadelphia Tribune, whose vision is to “fight crime and fear of crime.” John Moroney took the step of restoring two officers, who are well-regarded by the neighborhood, to foot patrol on Woodland Avenue.

Nora Situm

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia tacked on an additional $237,000, bringing the total cost to over $800,000 for one Croatian child’s cancer treatment – and people are in an uproar, according to Philly.com.


The president of District Council 33 accuses Mayor Michael Nutter of threatening collective bargaining rights of all public sector workers in Pennsylvania. Nutter has recently asked the Court of Common Pleas to allow him to force public sector workers into a contract to end the stalemate, according to Newsworks.

philly crime

Axis Philly crunches the latest crime data and finds “Philadelphia’s wealthier neighborhoods not only experience less violent crime than poorer ones, they continue to see it drop much faster than elsewhere in the city.”

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