Twitter Recap: Today’s Public Hearing on 2012 Voting Problems in Philadelphia

  1. Mayor Michael Nutter put together a committee to address widespread voting problems throughout Philadelphia during the 2012 Presidential election. Managing Director Richard Negrin, Esq. says of the panel: “This is not an investigation, nor an indictment” of Philadelphia’s voting system.
    Background from 2012:
  2. Public hearing highlights at City Hall – Wednesday, February 6th 2013:
  3. . @RichNegrin: Issues experienced during last year’s #PhillyVote: Backlog, new registrations, inconsistent processes at polling places.
  4. . @RichNegrin: American Disabilities Act forced relocation of polling places #PhillyVote
  5. Registered voter denied ballot, “forced” to use provisional; Occupiers threatened w arrest for refusing to leave until allowed #PhillyVote
  6. Asian American civil rights advocate: many instances of lack of translators; turned away and refused even provisional ballots. #PhillyVote
  7. Civil rights advocate: recent study shows access to Asian American translators has decreased annually in #Philly. #PhillyVote
  8. #Philly eection official: Even in Jan, she saw voter ID “propaganda” on buses, etc. “Why do you think folks are confused?!” #PhillyVote
  9. Same election official: We found “huge discrepancy” between state voter records and #Philly voter rolls. #PhillyVote
  10. 27th Ward official: “Provisional ballots should not be the way to go,” advocating for online voting. #PhillyVote
  11. Time and again, public comment: Higher than usual provisional votes, polling stations running out of them, many never counted. #PhillyVote
  12. Over 45,000 2008 voters were dropped from the system in 2012. #Philadelphia county highest discrepancy in PA. #PhillyVote
  13. Former Ward leader: #Philly Voting Commission lacks legitimacy when compared to Committee of Seventy. This must be addressed. #PhillyVote
  14. Don’t know about this nonprofit? Visit their website:
  15. Speaker: Polling training doesn’t emphasize that poll workers aren’t there as reps of political parties, but the voting public. #PhillyVote
  16. If you or anyone you know would like to share #PhillyVote problems from the 2012 election, please contact us:

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