Market Street Building collapse victim who lost legs: ‘How am I supposed to live now?’

The Plekan family. Photo: Courtesy of Plekan

The Plekan family. Photo: Courtesy of Plekan

By Morgan Zalot (Daily News) – Mariya Plekan remembers each second of the pain she felt as the minutes and then hours – 13 in all – dragged by while she lay helpless, trapped under beams, bricks and other debris, on that fateful June day last year.

For 364 days – since a demolition job at 22nd and Market streets in Center City sent a wall tumbling onto the Salvation Army thrift shop where Plekan was shopping for clothes June 5, 2013, killing six people and injuring her and 12 others – the 53-year-old woman has suffered.

“I will never forget that moment, what happened with me. I will remember every moment when I was in there, how I [waited for] somebody [to] find me.”

Full story.

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