Where’s Basciano?

By Helen Ubinas (Philly Daily News) – Maybe one day Richard Basciano will have to answer to his maker about his role in the deadly Market Street building collapse.

We will have to wait for that, because in the year since part of his crumbling building came crashing down on the Salvation Army thrift store, killing six people, injuring 13 others, the serial slumlord hasn’t had to answer to anyone. Not publicly anyway.

That’s odd because almost everyone else associated with the preventable disaster has.


The mayor apologized a couple of times and convened a blue-ribbon commission to investigate the collapse.

Sean Benschop, the excavator operator, and Griffin Campbell, the contractor, are facing multiple murder charges. A grand jury is still investigating the disaster, and multiple lawsuits have been filed.

But no charges have been lodged against Basciano, the man who owned the killer building, and whose buildings had already killed one man and injured another.

Full Story.

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