Brewer wants to Do Good by his neighborhood

Photo: Do Good Brewery

Photo: Do Good Brewery

By Don Russell (Philly Daily News)

Up on Tioga Street, in the vacant shadows of a postindustrial city, the sign above Kensington Pub declares, “Born Here. Raised Here. Still Here.” Inside, there’s a life-size wall drawing of a guy pitching halfsies, the stickball game they used to play down the corner.

The bar is mostly empty on this Friday afternoon.

“Yo, what happened to the keg that guy brought in?” owner Kevin Konieczny asks his bartender.

“What keg? The new stuff?” Nicole Kearney replies. “It’s not on, yet.”

“Well, what can we take off?”

“Miller Lite. Nobody’s drinking it anyway.”

And so goes the home debut of Do Good United Ale.

Full story at “Joe Six Pack” column.

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