These locals are writing fat political checks after Supreme Court tosses limits



By Randy LoBasso (Philly Weekly/PhillyNow)

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court tossed aside the campaign finance rule that killed overall political contribution limits for national party and federal candidate committees. Previously capped at $123,200, in April, the Court ruled 5-4 in McCutcheon v FEC that limits on contributions are another violation of free speech.

Now that the super rich have the free speech to fork over as much cash as they want, they’re doing so. Rapidly.

According to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, 310 people in the United States have, so far, given more than the previous limit this election cycle, contributing a combined total of more than $48 million.

Among them: the Koch Brothers, son, wife; George Soros; Charles Schwab, Miriam and Sheldon Adelson; Pete Coors; August Busch III. The entire list, put together by the Center for Responsive Politics, is here.

Amongst those big-name political hotshots are contributors here in our own backyard, both in and outside Philadelphia. Here’s who they are, and what they’re giving.

Full story.

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