Wondering what the geographic breakdown is for Philly’s sidewalk parking tickets? Wait no longer.

Photo: Philly Bricks

Photo: Philly Bricks

By Dustin Slaughter

Thanks to Randy LoBasso’s successful Right-to-Know request – and Jon Geeting of Plan Philly, who put together a very helpful map of the Philadelphia Parking Authority data obtained by LoBasso – we now have a good picture of the Philadelphia neighborhoods which receive the most sidewalk parking citations.

According to Geeting, the data only stretches from January 2013 to June 2014, however:


It would also be helpful to see a longer timeframe broken down by year – or better yet, by month – to see how police enforcement priorities and driver behavior have changed over time.

One thing we can’t know for sure is the relationship between the number of tickets issued and the number of actual violations.

It sure seems like people park on the sidewalk more in South Philly, but PPA’s data shows the number of tickets issued dropping off by over half below Lombard St. – the cutoff between eastern Center City’s District 6 (1,627 tickets) and District 3 (756 tickets) to the south.

The drop-of is even starker west of Broad St, where District 17 (which covers the area between Lombard and Moore) issued just 329 sidewalk parking tickets – 17% of the 1,894 issued in Center City’s District 9.

South of that, District 1 (which covers the Sports Complex – a notoriously lawless parking environment) issued just 184 tickets, or a little more than half the total for District 17 to the north.

Check out PlanPhilly‘s map of the parking data and read the rest of Geeting’s story at Newsworks.

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