Gov. Tom Corbett and more than likely next Gov. Tom Wolf to debate this evening. Next week they come to Philly.

By Joshua Albert

Republican Governor Tom Corbett and his opponent from York PA, Democrat Tom Wolf are set to take the gloves this evening off in round 1 of  3 live debates between the two candidates. The debate will be taking place at the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and Industry dinner in Hershey PA, and next Wednesday the will duke it out again here in Philly at the KYW studios.

Tonight, the debate starts at 7:30pm and will live streamed here.

A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University  found that if the election were to happen right now, Tom Wolf would win. He is currently is leading the race by a massive 24 points.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll told Lancaster Online:

“A stunningly bad showing for Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett who is clobbered across the board on issues, leadership and other character traits by a candidate who was unknown to most voters earlier this year,”

Not to mention, a few weeks ago non-partisan said:

“It would take a near-miracle at this point for Corbett to win.”

Read the full Story from Lancaster Online


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