New Political Action Committee to Back Science-Minded Democrats

By Jessica MacDonald (Newsworks)

Bryn Mawr chemistry graduate and former 8th District Democratic candidate Shaughnessy Naughton launched “314 PAC”, a political action committee that will back “scientifically literate” candidates campaigning for office on Capital Hill, according to Newsworks.

“There is growing concern about the anti-science rhetoric that we hear out of too many politicians,” Naughton told Newsworks. “And the lack of funding for basic research that’s really not just hindering research, but putting our economy at risk.”

Seth Moulton, a Harvard physics graduate who recently won a 6th District primary of a nine term incumbent, was the first candidate backed by 314 PAC.

The PAC currently does not contribute to Republican candidates.

Naughton says of this decision:

“We all agree that science is above partisan politics, but unfortunately today, it does seem like there is a clear distinction between the two parties as far as promoting a pro-science agenda.”

Critics like Mary Woolley, president and CEO of nonprofit Research!America, contend that limiting science-minded PACs to Democrats is wrong.

“I think there’s no purpose served in perpetuating a myth that the only people who care about science are Democrats,” said Woolley.

Read the full story at Newsworks.

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