Uber’s Plan to Expand Service in State Faces Obstacle

By Dustin Slaughter

The ride-sharing car service, Uber X, learned yesterday that their plan to expand its service in Pennsylvania has hit a snag, according to PlanPhilly‘s Jon Geeting.

Two Public Utility Commission (PUC) judges stated that the PUC, when it convenes in full on a date not yet determined, should deny the company licensing approval to permanently operate in the state.

The judges’ suggestion that the company be denied approval is based largely on the fact that Uber was previously operating in defiance of an earlier Commission ban, according to The Inquirer.

On the legislative side of the matter, Uber has secured a significant level of support, as evidenced by a broad swath of the state’s so-called progressive politicians signaling their endorsement of Senator Fontana’s SB 1457, a bill that would legalize “transportation network companies”.

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf has signaled his support for the legalization of the ride-sharing service.

PlanPhilly‘s Geeting wrote on Thursday that “there is no significant bloc of votes against the bill within the Philadelphia Democratic caucus.”

Read PlanPhilly‘s coverage on this topic here and here.





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