L&I puts up roadblocks for Councilwoman Blackwell’s plan to help ex-convicts.

By Joshua Albert

3rd District Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell wants street vendors to be able to set up shop on Woodlawn Avenue in West Philadelphia, between 48th and 58th Streets, similar to the way it is currently set up in the Italian Market in South Philly. Councilwoman Blackwell also wants the district to allow ex-offenders to be able to setup food carts along the strip. However, as Mike Dunn from CBS Philly reports:

“City’s Department of Licenses & Inspections says street vendor spots are assigned by a neutral lottery, not by a neighborhood group, and L&I would have no way to control what could be subsequent chaos.”

Councilwoman Blackwell told CBS that “People are trying to bring it up from the bottom, and certainly we want to support them.”

L&I agreed to work out a plan that would be similar to that of the Italian Market, and Councilwoman Blackwell agreed to table the plan due the Mayors administrative concerns.

Read full story, Phila, L&I pushes back against Councilwoman’s plan for street vending.

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