Pro-Charter School Group Lands Advertisement Spot in VICE Documentary on Eating Dogs

dog days


By Joshua Albert

I only caught the above image when, well, I wanted to watch a documentary about people eating dogs in China. At first I thought to myself “why would VICE allow this garbage on their site?” Then I remembered, hey, everyone has bills to pay, but still, come on VICE…

I then thought it was interesting that an organization that describes itself as “an effort to bring together groups of parents and taxpayers who believe that school choice should be a reality for all families in Philadelphia” would have the creative mindset to use VICE as an advertising outlet.

Then I read the fine print. What’s the old saying go? The devil is always in the details? Well, that’s exactly the case here.

At the bottom of the site for the Pro-Charter school organization you’ll see “© 2014 Choice Media.” “Choice Media is a non-profit education news service, devoted to covering all facets of K-12 education policy” according it’s site, but not really.

You see, Choice Media is owned and operated by frequent Fox News guest and GOP friend, Bob Bowdon. Bob Bowdon is by all accounts against public schools. He was a former news anchor for various organizations and also made the 2010 conservative cult classic film, The Cartel. The Boston Globe noted that the film aims to prove that:

“Public Schools are a greater threat to American civilization than terrorism.”

Conservative tax reform advocacy groups even held viewing parties for the film.

I could see how he managed to use his media prowess to get into the VICE market, and from an advertising stand point, it was probably a good move. Which may have been VICE’s way of saying “sure, we’ll take your money, assholes.”

I could site here and go on and on and on about how there are some serious problems with charter schools, but I won’t. The sting is still wearing off from yesterdays School Reform Commission’s cowardly decision to nix teacher contracts. I just wanted to point out that VICE showed Philly a little love, in a very Philly LOVE kind of way. Maybe. Sort of.

I do also strongly recommend watching the documentary about dog eating in China.

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