Next Governor Won’t Have Power to Abolish SRC – For Now

By Dustin Slaughter

As it currently stands, the power to dismantle the School Reform Commission will remain with…the SRC.

State Senator Vincent Hughes’ proposed amendment to turn that power over to the Governor was sunk by the Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday in a strict 14-9 party line vote, according to Solomon Leach at the Daily News.

Senator Hughes says of the SRC’s highly controversial move to cancel teacher contracts:

“The transparency issue, I think everyone should be concerned about. No one is going to lose sight of how they behaved.”

Hughes says he will attempt to put the amendment to a full vote before the Senate today. If unsuccessful, he will bring re-introduce the measure next year.

Read Solomon Leach’s full story, “Amendment to Give the Governor Power to Abolish the SRC Falls Flat” at the Daily News.

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