What commercial buildings in Philadelphia top the list for being energy wasters? 6abc is Number 1

By Joshua Albert

Earlier this week, the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability released data revealing which commercial buildings in Philadelphia waste the most energy. According to the list, the Channel 6abc/WPVI-TV News headquarters is now not only the “leader in local news,” but also the most energy inefficient.

Technical.ly Philly reports:

“In 2013, the city began requiring commercial buildings to report their energy usage, as part of the city’s effort to get building owners to think more critically about their energy consumption. This year, 90 percent of the more than 2,000 buildings that were required to report complied with the law, according to a press release.”

In order to not only shame building-owners but to reinforce positive efficiency efforts, the Mayors Office also announced that the building with the biggest change in Energy Star score and greatest drop in overall energy usage will get a $5000 reward.

Read the full story  The city just called out these energy-wasting commercial buildings”  by Juliana Reyas on Technical.ly Philly.

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