Council Backtracks on Cell Phone Disposal Initiative After Aggressive Lobbying Efforts

By Dustin Slaughter

Juliana Reyes at Philly reports that cellphone kiosk vendor ecoATM’s lobbying efforts have caused City Council to reconsider a cellphone buyback program.

After the bill, which would allow Philadelphia residents to receive cash for turning in cell phones, languished in committee for six months, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown says that pols have “worked out a reasonable compromise” with the vendor, which spent over $30,000 to change their minds.

The main point of contention was a concern from members of council that the initiative would encourage cell phone theft. The compromise: council will dictate the locations of cell phone buyback vending machines.

Read Juliana Reyes’ full story, “After $30K in Lobbying, City Council Approves Cellphone-Buyback Machines”, at Philly.

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