If your public school needs toilet paper, tweet to Nutter and he will bring you some

By Joshua Albert

Last night Mayor Michael Nutter announced on twitter that if there isn’t enough bathroom supplies at your school, tweet to him and he will make sure you get your proper toilet needs. The tweet was not, however, clear on what the time frame would be for delivery.


Let’s just play this out, hypothetically:  in 7th grade (which is already awkward enough), in the bathroom, you’re sitting on the toilet,  you reach for the TP, and null. So you pull out your phone (assuming your privileged enough to have a phone) tweet to the Mayor of the 5th largest city in the US and in one of the most economically developed nations in the world, ” hey Mr. Mayor, I need TP?”

This image was an editorial decision. Had to. - KL

This image was an editorial decision. Had to. – KL

But don’t fret, Nutter issued another tweet an hour later saying that “he thinks” the district has enough supplies, they are just not at the schools.

Taxpayers should be offended and embarrassed that our schools don’t have enough sanitary products to make sure kids can stay clean. And according to this Philly Mag piece, this isn’t a new thing:

“This is not a new issue, of course. In August, teacher Diane Reznik told CBS 3: “You have to make sure you bring your own toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer.” Parents have sued the state, saying their complaints about “squalid and insufficient toilet facilities” have been ignored by the Education Department.”

Just two weeks ago the School Reform Commission attempted to nix teachers contracts, which would have forced teachers to pay more money into their healthcare insurance, until a judge ruled the contract cancellation be put on hold pending appeal. Teachers having to fork over their minuscule salaries for classroom products is nothing new, and now it looks like they may to have to reach in their pockets for supplies  outside of the classroom, for toilet paper and soap. Maybe mop buckets and hairnets next.

Someone should hold a toilet paper drive right in the lobby of the School District HQ.

Read the full story by Philly Mag’s Dan McQuade

There is one comment

  1. SM2

    I used to teach seventh grade. Nutter won’t have to worry about being inundated with tweets because 90% of SDP (student) bathrooms don’t have stalls on the doors, so you would never shit in them.


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