An Announcement to Our Readers

By Declaration Staff

Here at The Declaration, we have always strived to provide the public with accessible, relevant and timely news. As we reach the beginning of summer, The Declaration is entering a new phase.

Managing Editor Austin Nolen is leaving his position as he prepares to begin law school in the fall at Temple University. We explored various alternatives for continuing to run the publication on a weekly basis while paying writers, but we concluded that the schedule we had maintained for two years was no longer sustainable.

For the foreseeable future, The Declaration will be returning to its roots as a news source with a less rigid posting schedule and more variety. Posts will cover politics and government, but also music, arts and other cultural topics that were often overlooked. All writers will be volunteers looking for an outlet for their creativity or opinions.

Going forward, editing duties will be assumed by Merry Reed, who will also be in charge of planning for other possible business models.

We will continue to cover our pending stories, such as our appeal to obtain court records still under seal in the prosecution of a Philadelphia woman who attempted to join the Islamic State. We will also continue to update standing projects such as our Police Complaint Data Archive.

Thank you all for your readership over the past years. We hope that you continue reading our site and that you stay with us through this phase into whatever follows.

Austin Nolen, Kristi Petrillo, Shealyn Kilroy and Merry Reed


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