Video: Stephen Starr’s CFO Accosted One of Our Reporters in Old City Today

By Dustin Slaughter and Kenneth Lipp

The Declaration’s Joshua Albert was approached on the street and harassed by STARR Restaurants’ Chief Financial Officer Bruce Koch this afternoon, while compiling information for a story that will detail an apparent culture of unprofessional behavior within the hugely successful restaurateur Stephen Starr’s company.

Mr. Koch’s unprovoked and unacceptable behavior seems consistent with what we’ve learned so far of Starr’s corporate culture, as we work with Joshua, who has been dutiful and cautious, to carefully and ethically put this story together.

When approached by Koch – who less than five minutes after Joshua’s arrival appeared from Starr Restaurants’ headquarters and crossed the street to confront him on a public sidewalk while threatening to call the police –  Joshua acted professionally. Less can be said for Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2013 CFO of the Year finalist.

Joshua was across the street from Starr’s offices on assignment and at his editors’ behest. If Koch takes issue with this, he is more than welcome to contact us directly.


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