Union-Backed PAC Mails Erroneous Polling Locations to 30,000 Philly Voters

Daily News‘ Chris Brennan reports this morning that the West Philly-based Philadelphia Voter Education and Information Initiative mailed erroneous polling location information to 30,000 Philadelphia voters.

Pennsylvania Working Families Party’s executive director Kati Sipp told Brennan:

“When preparing the mailing, we failed to notice an error in how the mail merge was set up, and as a result, many of those postcards give an incorrect polling place,” Sipp said in an emailed statement. “It was a human error, and a big one, but an honest one.  We take this error seriously, and we are taking every step possible to correct it. With all the dirty tricks Philadelphia voters have seen, the last thing we would want is to further any confusion.”

Read Brennan’s full report at Philly Daily News.

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