Daily Dec Roundup – Jan. 27th, 2015

Photo: Billy Penn

Photo: Billy Penn



Lyft readies Philadelphia launch: Drivers trained, $1500/week offered

Anna Orso, Chris Krewson, and Mark Dent, Billy Penn

– Lyft, the Uber-competitor in the ridesharing service space that’s become famous nationwide for fastening the strange ‘staches on the front of their rides, is readying a Philadelphia launch, with Craigslist ads seeking drivers — who are, Billy Penn has learned, already training drivers.



Wonks weigh in on how Wolf should help cities

Emily Previti, Keystone Crossroads/Newsworks

– Gov. Tom Wolf hasn’t really talked during his first week in office about his plans for fixing Pennsylvania’s cities. So Keystone Crossroads asked a cross section of mayors, consultants and other experts: how should Wolf prioritize?



District investigates Philly school with standardized test opt-out rate of 20%

Laura Benshoff, Newsworks

– Parents of about 100 students at North Philadelphia’s Feltonville School of Arts and Sciences have signed letters withdrawing their children from standardized tests. Now, the Philadelphia School District is investigating whether or not those have parents “have been fully informed,” according to District spokesman Fernando Gallard.



For Nigerians, disturbance at home

Jack Tomczuk, The Temple News

– Attacks by terrorist group Boko Haram have affected Nigerian students.



Counting the city’s homeless

Helen Ubinas, Daily News

– The men with the bad legs – the one in the rickety wheelchair and the one with the cane that looks as if it might snap under his weight – are the first to be counted.

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