Daily Dec Roundup – Jan. 29th, 2015

Benjamin Rush State Park. Photo: cngodles/Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Benjamin Rush State Park. Photo: cngodles/Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0



Governor Wolf to restore ban on new gas drilling leases

Peter Jackson, Associated Press

– Following through on a campaign pledge, Wolf will sign the order restoring a moratorium on new drilling leases involving public lands on Thursday at Benjamin Rush State Park in northeast Philadelphia.



Mayoral candidate Anthony Hardy Williams’ take on charter schools sets him apart

Dan Spinelli, The Daily Pennsylvanian

– State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams’s support for charter schools has made him some unusual allies.



This is how Philly tech will influence the mayoral election

Christopher Wink, Technical.ly Philly

– If you want to grow a community from the fringes to prominence, it helps to capture the attention of policy makers.



Parents United prevails in getting Boston Consulting Group school-closings list

Helen Gym, The Notebook

– What could possibly justify the closing of Northeast High School, the largest school in the city and each year bursting at the seams? Why would anyone suggest closing four elementary schools in Olney, a neighborhood that once housed some of the most overcrowded schools in the District?

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