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Dear Declaration readers,

Our publication has been in the news lately. Yesterday, Newsworks’ Dana DiFilippo wrote about our recently-announced Philadelphia Police Accountability Project. As DiFilippo explains, citizen complaint files in Philadelphia are public records under a 2011 executive order, but actually accessing the paperwork is a challenge.

We hope to provide an independent resource for citizens to access this public information without taking a long trip up to Internal Affairs headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia. In order to make the Project possible, however, we need your donations, which you can make using the button below.

We’ve also recently been nominated for an investigative reporting award from Pen & Pencil, Philadelphia’s press club. If you appreciate our work in delving into law enforcement issues in the city, please take the time to vote for us. Click “The Philadelphia Sunshine Project, DeclarationPHL” for Question 2, and don’t forget to cast votes for the excellent choices in other categories too!

Please donate to The Declaration to support our investigative journalism.

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