Impact of Classroom Overcrowding Hits Philly Schools Hard

By Dustin Slaughter

The Inquirer‘s Kristen Graham reports that as the new school year begins, classroom overcrowding has quickly become a serious obstacle to learning throughout the district.

Class sizes of 35 or more are not uncommon this year, with school administrators at times putting “first, second, and third graders in a single classroom,” according to Graham.

Central High freshman Danny Allen, Jr. told The Inquirer:

“There is no structure. There is no curriculum. One teacher tries to teach you something one week, and then the next week the new teacher repeats it.”

Teacher contracts prohibit class sizes over 30 for grades 3 and lower, and 33 for upper grades. Union officials have gotten numerous reports of classes that exceed this, however.

Read the full story from The Inquirer‘s Kristen Graham.

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