Update on your 2014 Philadelphia Police weapons arsenal: Here is what another 260 M16’s look like

By Joshua Albert

According to documents recently made available from Freedom of Information website MuckRock, which break down purchases made this year by PA police agencies including the Philadelphia Police Department, while you were prepping for your Valentines day this year, the PPD was unwrapping around 260 shiny new M16s.



Earlier this month, The Declaration published a story about the Philadelphia Police Department’s acquisition of everything from bayonets to sleeping bags and 100 pop-up tents. And in May of 2013 they obtained 239 assault rifles at a cost of around $30,000.

When MuckRock tweeted out that they had obtained the documents, Matt Dooley, a journalist with The Roanoke Times shared this sentiment:


Even if we assume that the Philadelphia Police had no assault rifles before the 239 obtained in 2013, which is very unlikely, it is clear that currently the PPD has over 500 military grade assault rifles. Here is what around 500 M16’s look like.





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